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Dirty Electricity Filters

Top quality filters - I use them in my home. A number of different packages are available. 

CLICK HERE to select a Greenwave filter package to purchase

CLICK HERE and scroll down to purchase the Greenwave meter to measure "dirty electricity" 

Satic Power Perfect Box
whole house dirty electricity filter and line conditioner
Filters the electrical power to your home and adds power factor correction to reduce electric bills  

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This innovative product shields you from cellphone radiation while you sleep or work while still alowing you to send and receive messages. 

The RF blocking pouch connects to an antenna which can be situated up to 60ft. away.   

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Shielding Materials

Top quality copper clad fabric with amazing -70dB shielding (-70 dB means one 10 millionth reduction)

Does a great job shielding  RF and microwave radiation. Can be used to make window curtains, wall covering, garments pouches etc.   Easy to cut and sew.  

Note: When ordering,  the quantity selected is the number of linear feet ordered

Pure Copper Polyester Taffeta Fabric(Part. #EPS1212) …………… $10.95 per lin ft 42.5 in width Buy It

Top quality nickel/copper clad nylon ripstop fabric with amazing -70dB shielding.  (-70 dB means one 10 millionth reduction)

 Does great job shielding  RF and microwave radiation.  Can be used to make window curtains, wall covering, garments pouches etc.   Easy to cut and sew.

Note: When ordering,  the quantity selected is the number of linear feet ordered

Nickel Copper RipStop(Part. #EPS322) …………… $17.95 per lin ft 42.5 in width Buy It

Nickel/copper ripstop fabric with iron on adhesive backing. Can be used to as backing for drapes or many other applications. Provides -70 dB reduction of RF and microwave radiation.

Note: When ordering,  the quantity selected is the number of linear feet ordered

Shield It Super 13” (Part. #EPS1220) …………… $8.95 per linear ft Buy It

12 ft. cable connects the ground from a standard wall outlet to an alligator clip which may be attached to fabric or other conductive emf blocking material.

The ground connection creates better low frequency electric field protection. 

SAFE!  Does not connect to the 120V wires, only to the ground terminal.

Grounding cord(Part. #EPS295-12) …………… $8.95 Buy It

Alligator to Alligator clips. Used to electrically connect two conductive surfaces. For example: connect sheets of EMF blocking cloth together.

Ground Gator to Gator(Part. #EPS295-18) …………… $2.00 Buy It

Highly transparent mesh fabric provides high performance EMF blocking (-40 dB or better!)

Great to use for draping windows!   58 in width

Note: When ordering,  the quantity selected is the number of linear feet ordered

Veil Shield(Part. #EPS1270) …………… $18.95 per linear ft 13 in width Buy It

5RF and microwave shielding paint. 37dB reduction (1coat) 44dB reduction (2coat) Coverage 81sq ft/Liter  300 sq ft/gallon (approx 4 Liters)

Water soluble, low VOC paint. Exterior or interior. Dries black but can be primed and painted over with any household paints.

This is an excellent solution to protect from fixed RF and microwave sources such as cell towers, neighbors wifi, etc. 

The painted surface must be grounded using a separately purchased ground strap and connector (purchase below). 

5 Liter Pail $245.00

Ground Kit for Y-Shield (Part. #EPS290-Grd) …………… $44.95 Buy It


Used to protect from magnetic fields which are radiated from electrical panels, wiring etc.

Flexible, yet highly permeable metalic material blocks up to 90% of magnetic fields greatly reducing fields in living space.

25.5 inch width. Sold by the linear foot

Note: When ordering,  the quantity selected is the number of linear feet ordered

Giron(Part. #EPS273) …………… $48.95 per linear ft Buy It

Protective Bedding and Canopies

Extremely sheer and transparent canopy protects you while sleeping. -30-45 dB (over 99%) reduction of RF pollution. Also shields from electric fields. Mounts over bed.

Take it with you when traveling. Folds down to size of a sweater and weighs about 1 lb

Dream Canopy (Part. #EPS343) …………… $925.00 Fits King Queen or Full
Buy It

Dream Canopy (Part. #EPS342) …………… $599.00 Fits Twin Single or Crib Buy It

Canopy Mesh Fabric

This fabric can be used to make your own canopy! Similar to the fabric used in the canopies shown above with the same EMF blocking characteristics. Cut and sew with ordinary scissors and threads. Sold by the linear foot - 1 meter wide. 

Note: When ordering,  the quantity selected is the number of linear feet ordered

Canopy Mesh Fabric(Part. #EPS1208) …………… $15.95 per linear footBuy It

Computer/Tablet Shielding

Custom made monitor shield with see-through shielding blocks over 99% of RF (microwave) and electric fields emitted from monitor.

Grounding cord ensures best performance.   

May be used for any display - TV, tablet, laptop or desktop monitor.

Specify desired outer dimensions of frame when ordering.

NOW $159.95  (was $199.95)

Computer Monitor And TV Screen Shield(Part. #EPS732 …………… $159.95 Buy It

Lap tops and tablets emit strong RF radiation at various frequencies. The HARApad blocks nearly 100% of RF and significantly reduces magnetic fields allowing you to safely place devices on your lap. 

HARApad(Part. #EPS257-N) …………… $99.95 Buy It

Tablet pouch has two pockets. One completely blocks EMF emitted from the tablet when not in use or for safe transport .

The other pouch blocks EMF from the bottom only so you can safely place it on your lap still letting stay connected to a router.

11.4 x 7.8 inches

iPad Pouch(Part. #EPS211) …………… $49.95 Buy It

Miscellaneous Items

Digital timer 2 pack.  Use these to automatically turn off wifi routers, printers or other EMR emitting devices at night. 

8 Outlets with surge protection. 4 outlets are on a mechanical timer. When power outages occur, the mechanical timer is easily reset and does not need to be reprogrammed. 

Full featured corded phone. Desktop or wall mounted with ultra low EMF airtube headset.

Headset is 3 ft long. 

Ultra Low EMF Phone(Part. #EPS725) …………… $99.95Buy It

Need extra length? 12 ft air-tube extension for above phone.

Headset Extension Cord(Part. #EPS236-EXT) …………… $4.95Buy It

LED Lightbulbs use less energy and create much less dirty electricity than Compact Flourescent Light (CFL) bulbs. But, not all LEDs are created the same! Some create less dirty electricity EMF than others.

These Feit Electric Co. Bulbs are among the cleanest operating LEDs

6 pack Feit 60 W equivalent LED bulbs - standard base

6 pack Feit 60 W equivalent LED bulbs - standard base - dimmable

6 pack Feit 65 W equivalent LED indoor floodlights - standard base - dimmable

If you want no dirty electricity from light bulbs, old fashioned incandescent bulbs are best though they do use a bit more electricity, and Yes, you can still purchase them below.

Note: based on the specifications for the bulbs listed a 60 W incandescent bulb would cost $8.76/year compared to  $1.29/year for the 60 W (equivalent) LED bulb based on 4 hours a day usage and 10 cent/ kWhour cost for electricity.

12 pack 60 W incandescent bulbs with standard base

For a complete discussion of how to take and interpret measurements

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by Gary Bocksch AAS, BS, MS 

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