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My business EMF Protection Specialists is located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I serve the Roaring Fork Valley including Aspen and Basalt. I have helped numerous people both in Colorado and the continental United States with their EMF problems. I'm here to help you!

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Why a professional consultant may be the answer:

A professional consultant can work with you in a variety of ways.

1. You are concerned that you're environment is unsafe because of EMF and would like a consultant to make on-site accurate measurements to determine all EMF sources. A follow up report will outline EMF issues and remedies.

2. You have purchased a meter but need help understanding how to take and interpret readings. An email or phone consultation may suffice in helping you achieve your goal of making your environment EMF safe. 

3. You simply have a few questions and would like to get honest answers based upon proven science. A brief email or phone consult can provide what you need.

EMF Protection Specialists located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado can help with all your EMF related concerns. We serve the entire Roaring Fork valley including Aspen, Basalt and Carbondale. We also serve Denver and communities throughout Colorado.

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           All of us are being exposed to electromagnetic fields at an unprecedented rate. Our exposure is increasing exponentially every day. The world’s children are especially at risk. Exposure levels today are millions of times more than a decade ago and new wireless technologies are being developed and employed regularly. Many scientists and health authorities are warning of a surge in cancer and numerous other serious health problems as a result of these technologies. 

How Can You Protect Yourself and Loved Ones?

   It begins with educating yourself on the risks. It is no longer acceptable to assume that all the “high tech” conveniences we have come to expect are entirely risk free. Thousands of scientific studies prove otherwise. Since technology is “big business” it is to be expected that the risks are being down-played by big corporations and government, but the dangers can no longer be ignored. (please go to my page Health Effects of EMF Exposure for more information) 

The best way to assess your personal risk is to have a professional evaluation of your home and work environment.

EMF Protection Specialists can provide the level of service you need! Located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, we have helped individuals both in Colorado and throughout the United States.

Call or email us now for a free initial consultation. We can assess your actual needs and help find economical solutions to your EMF problems.

EMFspecialists@gmail.com  or  970-409-7459

What Is Included in a Professional EMF Consultation?

1. Education: Your emf professional consultant will spend time answering your questions and educating you on the science and risks of emf.

2. Measurement: A thorough analysis of your premises for all types of emf including ELF (power line electric and magnetic  fields); RF (radio frequencies including microwaves); “dirty electricity” produced by most modern electronics and carried on building wiring; “smart meters” installed by the power company but known to have deleterious health effects.

3. Professional report: A detailed report outlining findings with measurement data, graphs, explanations and recommendations.

4. Follow up consultation:  As much as you need. It is our sincere desire to help you succeed in protecting yourself and others from the detrimental effects of emf.

Why Do I Need a Professional Report?

A professional emf consultation will include extensive measurements using a variety of equipment and techniques. The professional report will serve you in several ways:

1. A complete analysis of all emfs present on your property with recommendations for mitigation required to protect you and your family or co-workers. Guidance will be provided for you to “do it yourself” or contact contractors who can help with the work. Many mitigation techniques are well within the capabilities of the average home or business owner with proper guidance.

2. As the detrimental health effects of emf exposure become widely known lawsuits are bound to proliferate. Think of the tobacco and asbestos industries for example. A professional report may allow you to cash in on future class action suits against corporate entities responsible for promoting harmful technologies.

3. If you or a loved one ever develop electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), a professional report will help you establish the reality of your situation for workman’s compensation or medical claims. Already electromagnetic hypersensitivity is recognized by some governments as a legitimate illness allowing for workman’s compensation. (Sweden for example)

Most important, having an emf consultation will prompt you to do things to limit your exposure now. EMF is considered a “possible carcinogen” by the U.N. World Health Organization the same as DDT and lead. Numerous studies have shown emf to be a strong cancer “promoter”. However detrimental health effects may take years to become apparent. Consider that 10-20 years from now will be too late for many who will develop cancer or other serious health problems.          

For a complete discussion of how to take and interpret measurements

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