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What is it?
 Is it really  dangerous?

    EMF Straight Talk    

will take the mystery out of this important subject. Here you will find straight talk about emf - what electromagnetic fields are, how to measure electromagnetic radiation in your home, what are the proven biological and health effects, where can you purchase or rent good, inexpensive meters to test for electromagnetic fields, what protection measures really work, and more. The bare facts you need to know without confusing, unfounded or controversial details you don't have time to read. - just emf straight talk!

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My name is Gary Bocksch. I was a professor of Electronics Technology for 25 years at a public college in Michigan. Since my retirement I have become highly interested in man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) and their effect on human health. Several years ago I began researching this subject extensively. What I thought would be a rather easy task has turned out to be extremely difficult. There is so much information and literally thousands of conflicting studies on EMF!  Anything but emf straight talk. What is more, stake holders and special interest groups each put their own "spin" on things. It is virtually impossible for the layman to wade through the reams of material available and sift out the basic and essential truths without spending untold hours of time! Even then, much of what is published is overstated, understated, or downright misleading!

Likely you are visiting this site because you seek factual information 

about EMF (electromagnetic fields) and the resulting electromagnetic radiation (EMR). What are they?  Can they harm us? How can you measure them?  Do you need to protect yourself and loved ones? If so, how?  These are valid questions deserving honest answers! Not slanted or biased answers designed to skew the facts in an effort to sell you something.  Nor hype and fear mongering - characteristic of some sites. 

This website will provide you simple, emf straight talk. The facts about emf that you need, and save you the hundreds of hours that I spent digging for the real facts!

The purpose of this site is simple:

To separate the facts from the fiction.  To provide the knowledge you need to make informed, sensible decisions about exposure to electromagnetic fields in a world that is plunging headlong into what some scientists are calling: "the greatest health experiment of human history" - a world saturated with man made electromagnetic radiation from all sorts of modern technology!

This Site is NOT:

  • a place to buy amulets, pendants, diodes, harmonizers or other such devices.
  • a place to find services claiming to "cure" people by methods unproven by traditional scientific methods.
  • a place to find endless dialog and controversial studies on EMF topics.
  • a place to find information about "fringe" sciences like the paranormal, aouras, etc.

You will find none of that here!

 What will you learn on this site?

I will provide you with EMF straight talk - all the resources you need to:

  • Understand the nature of EMF based on actual science.
  • Measure EMF in your home or workplace.
  • Interpret the results of your measurements.
  • Compare your results with respected international standards.
  • Understand the proven biological and health effects of EMF based on unbiased scientific studies.
  • Know how to mitigate exposure levels if you so desire.

I will also introduce you to products and services that I deem to be scientifically sound and the best value for the money - what I have used or would use myself. 

 Limited time? 
EMF Straight Talk is for YOU!

I have done the research for you and endeavor to present it in a simple, straightforward, "cut to the quick" format.


EMF Bottom Line:

Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces of physics. Without this force our universe could not exist. Electricity and magnetism are both part of this force. Since the late 1800s humans have learned to harness the electromagnetic force creating an endless number of modern conveniences. Truly, electricity has completely revolutionized the world and changed human society . However,


Nearly all modern devices utilize electricity in some form - either from a battery, solar cell, the power line or other source. When electricity flows in a wire or electronic circuit it ALWAYS produces electric and magnetic fields. This is just simple physics.

All living things utilize electrical fields at the cellular level moving nutrients and charged ions through the cell membrane and completing essential chemical actions inside the cell. In more complex organisms (like us) the function of each body system is fully dependent on electrical and chemical signaling (chemo-electric). For example, the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system - all depend on electrical signaling without which they could not function.


Our bodies are basically electromagnetically driven machines AND we have developed technologies that essentially immerse us in a soup of unnatural man made electromagnetic fields (EMF). Moreover, the extent of this exposure is increasing exponentially as we daily add to the list of devices emitting such fields. 


The "straight talk" answer is definitely, yes! It is proven that biological changes take place at the cellular level - even at low levels of exposure. 

It is also likely that EMF affects the body at a systemic level (for example the nervous system). As a result EMF will produce negative health effects in all exposed people, which is virtually the entire population of most countries. Some people are aware of the effects. Most are not, but attribute their symptoms of EMF exposure to other causes.

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