Hello,   my name is Gary Bocksch.

  I am a retired professor of electronics technology.  This is my story of how I became involved in the EMF controversy.

I have always loved science and spent a good deal of time reading science literature as a youth.  In fact, in high school my friends nicknamed me "the professor" because I was always explaining science things to them. Looking back, I'm sure I was a little irritating to them at times.

A Recent Picture of Me

 After graduating from high school, I worked for several years in my own building maintenance business.  However, being married with five children you can imagine, things soon got a little tough.  I decided to go back to school in 1980 to study a longtime interest in electricity and electronics.  After completing a degree in electronics technology, I began working as a technician. Soon after that, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and later a Master’s Degree in Occupational Education from Ferris State University. I always loved teaching, so it was perhaps no coincidence that I was offered a teaching position at Mott College in Flint Michigan where I had worked as a technician. My story continued as a full time teacher of electronics technology.

My Story - As A Professor

As a professor, I developed numerous courses in electronics as part of the Electronics Technology program at the college.  My specialties were Basic Electrical Theory, Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, and Electronic Communications.  I also started a separate occupational education business called Edu-Tech Services.  I developed a number of courses for companies like General Motors and Kelsey Hayes Corp.  These companies used video versions of my courses for years in training technicians in their engineering labs. 

Overall during my years in public education, I personally trained well over 2,000 individuals in electrical/electronic theory and applications.  I also served for many years as the primary technical adviser for students entering technical programs at the college.  I’m proud of my accomplishments in education but also modest about it.  Like everyone, my story continues, I am still learning.

My Story - How I Got Interested In
The EMF Controversy

Around 1981 I read an article in a science journal about a study of magnetic fields from high voltage power lines.  The study was done in Denver by Dr. Nancy Wertheimer from the University of Colorado.  The study showed a significant increase in incidents of childhood Leukemia in families living near high voltage power lines.  The study was destined to become world famous and is still referenced in EMF discussions today.  Anyway, for years I provided a copy of the article to all my new students.  I wanted to make them aware of the possible dangers of low frequency EMF. Then, during the 1990s, many new wireless communication technologies were developed. Since I was teaching Electronic Communications at the college I was very interested in that subject and followed it closely.

A Close Friend of Mine Became Very Ill

It wasn't until I retired from college teaching in 2007 that I was able to pursue more research about the effects of high frequency radiation from wireless technologies. Meantime, we had moved to Colorado, USA.  Here, a  close friend of mine suddenly became very ill.  This was strange since she had always been a vibrant, active person.  She loved competitive running and working out at the gym but now she could barely leave the house! She had developed severe sensitivities to many chemicals including perfumes and household products.  She also began complaining that her cell phone and WiFi were making her sick.  At first I was skeptical.  But as I began researching things I soon became convinced that her sickness was real. I also became convinced that there must be many others who are likewise suffering but may not even know why!

Soon, I was buying meters, spectrum analyzers and the like and making extensive measurements in her home. As I researched various mitigation methods we tried them. In time, she recovered though it was a slow, painstaking process. It is good to see our friend back to her normal self, though a lot more cautious now about what she exposes herself to. 

Helping My Friend Motivated Me ...
To Research EMF Sensitivity

This experience helping my friend motivated me to continue researching EMF sensitivity. I wanted to help others in similar predicaments. Soon I found myself starting a business in EMF measurement and mitigation. It is a natural fit for someone with my background. I love learning and helping others to learn, especially when such knowledge can be life changing! I soon recognized a problem however. 

There is Much Skepticism Whether EMF 
is Actually Harmful

Though there are literally thousands of studies that have been done, the facts are still buried under an avalanche of incorrect, slanted, or purposefully misleading information. It took me, an electronics professor, a year of research just to begin to make sense of the subject. How much more difficult for someone with no such background! I decided:


My mission is to publish only what is factual based on clear scientific evidence.  

You are now reading that website!

I hope that my story in regard to EMF education will benefit you and your loved ones. 

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