Measuring  EMF  (EMR) 
Need  Not Be  Complicated!

You can measure EMF yourself with a little expert help from me.

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Is it possible for the average home or business owner to accurately measure EMF in their environment and interpret those measurements? YES! For the do it yourself person a little knowledge and a few consumer type meters can go a long way to help clean up the living/working environment from troublesome EMF.

Some of us prefer to be our own "home handyman" or mechanic and are perfectly comfortable researching "how to" sites to accomplish a task. If that is you,

I can help you to make "do-it-yourself" measurements of EMF.

However, it's not always best to measure EMF the "do-it-yourself" way. 

The science of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is complex. For example, understanding the relationship of frequency, field strength, reflection, refraction, and absorption of electromagnetic radiations (EMRs) is necessary to measure EMF and interpret the measurements correctly. It requires a considerable effort on the part of a layman to grasp the necessary concepts.

When Is It Best To Call a Professional to Measure EMF?

There are a number of reasons you may choose to call a professional:

1. You simply don't have the time to devote to researching and learning how to make and interpret measurements.

2. You're not inclined to learn what is necessary to tackle such a complex subject.

3. You need a professional report of findings. This could be for a real estate transaction, lawsuit, workman's compensation or a number of other reasons.

4. Highly accurate measurements are needed for compliance with a legal standard. For example OSHA standards for an industrial setting.

4. You simply want to verify readings you or someone else has taken.

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"Do-It-Yourself" EMF Measurements

You will need to make several measurements in each room that is regularly occupied. Measure EMF of the following four types:

1. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) magnetic fields 

2. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electric fields 

3. Radio Frequency (RF) including normal broadcast frequencies      and microwaves.

4. "Dirty electricity" on the electrical wiring

In addition you will need to research the type of electrical power meter your building has to determine its potential for harming you. Power utility companies have been installing new "smart meters" in recent years some of which are suspected of being very harmful to sensitive individuals.

To measure EMF of each type listed above, a specialized meter must be used. There is no single meter on the market that I am aware of which is capable of accurately measuring all 4 types.

In my opinion It is not necessary to purchase expensive meters. Most inexpensive meters are adequate but some are better than others. Please follow the link above to see which meters I recommend to measure each type of EMF. Since EMF readings vary continuously throughout the day an inexpensive meter with an accuracy of +/- 20% would be accurate enough to determine dangerous levels of EMF as well as their source. Leave the expensive meters to us professionals.

Follow this procedure to measure EMF:

for ELF magnetic, ELF electric and RF fields (numbers 1-3 above) 

Using the appropriate meter for each type, make measurements in each room holding the meter in front of you at about shoulder height. Be sure no one else is standing near you as this will affect the reading.  Move along the wall about 1 ft.  away from it, stopping every 5 ft and letting the meter “settle” each time you take a reading. Take measurements also in other parts of the room – for example corners of the bed, where you lay your head, near appliances - at any place where persons or pets are likely to spend significant amounts of time. Include any other areas of concern. 

Since you will make numerous measurements in each room I find it helpful to make a simple sketch of the room and use colored pencils to record the readings of each type of emf. This will help you keep track of things. Later, looking at the sketches, significant areas of concern will stand out suggesting what kinds of mitigation would be appropriate.

It is important to orient the meter in different directions while measuring. At a given spot, turn the meter vertical, then horizontal, at 45 degrees and in different directions. Make a note of only the maximum reading. Some meters are "tri axis" and do this for you. A little experimentation will help you determine what is required to find the highest readings. Note that the highest reading also points you in the direction of the source of the EMF.

To measure "dirty electricity" use a plug-in meter made for this purpose. I use the Greenwave Broadband EMI meter. It measures higher frequencies than some other brands and reads in milli Volts which is a standard unit of measurement in science. Simply plug the meter into electrical sockets throughout the room and record the readings.

Your utility company meters - electric, gas, water- can also be a  powerful source of EMF. Many meters transmit information to the utility company via an RF transmitter located within the meter itself. Accurate measurement requires an instrument capable of logging measurements over time. Either a professional meter designed for this purpose or a spectrum analyzer is needed. I use a spectrum analyzer. Needless to say this equipment is expensive and likely beyond the "do-it-yourself" budget.

To determine if a utility meter is a problem, locate each such meter in your home. Usually they are on an outside wall but occasionally may be located in a basement, closet or other location.

Note the manufacturer, model, and type of meter shown on the meter. "Google" that information to determine if your meter is one that transmits a signal to the utility company. If any transmitting meter is within 20 ft. of an often occupied living space, it may be cause for concern. In such a case more extensive testing may be advised, especially if someone in the household is experiencing electrical sensitivity symptoms. Also keep in mind that filtering the electric power for "dirty electricity" may also eliminate much of the problem caused by "smart meters"

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